Luo International Community

LIC is an international body encompassing all Luo lineage all over the world, the inherent generation is based on “paternity” basis of Luo origin (gene inheritance) with both individual and corporate memberships available.

The organization is Non Profit entity whose purpose is to preserve Culture in all aspect of life (Culture beyond Limit), it intend to promote present and future generations with noble developmental ideas based on contemporary times


To have integrated community that preserves Luo culture and social values across the world.


Reaching every unit of the Luo community and enhancing cultural education, improve health through research on traditional medicine, embrace agriculture for food security, trade and industrialization for economic development initiatives, taking advantage of the community’s local resources.

Our smart approach

Our renowned coaching programs will allow you to:

  • Preserve culture beyond limit.
  • Focused in investment in the Region.
  • Sourcing scholarship to the needy student from the region.
  • Access to quality infrastructure.
  • quality & accessible medical health care, housing, food & water to all.
  • Good governance

Visual History of Luo people of Kenya