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Luo council of elders  to spearhead culture preservation & protection , abov all we oversees the well being of Luo people of Kenya both locally and internationally across the globe. be part of us by joing the team.


Education is an important aspect of the Luo people’s culture. Often considered the intellectuals in the world, the Luo believe that each individual is educated from the moment of birth until death. The Luo maintain the belief that the sum of all experiences moulds attitudes and determines the conduct of both the child and the adult.
When it comes to professions, some are available to all. For example, the job of a blacksmith may be passed down from generation to generation. The blacksmith would teach his son what he knows, thus continuing the cycle of knowledge.
Other professions, however, are not available to all people. The Luo believe that certain jobs require an inherent skill, one which cannot be taught. The job of the medicine man is a good example. When a person is taught the skills necessary to hold one of these positions, the Luo have specific goals in order for them to succeed in their education. They hope to provide a practical education, which is intended to enable the student to assist in the production of material wealth as a grown man. They also aim to teach the traditions, customs, and history of their ancestors. They wish to maintain the Luo way of life, respect and honor, and to maintain the identity of the group.
The Luo people are quick to break into song, their children wear smiles, and even
orphans find reason to laugh. In the quest of a viable future for themselves and their children, the Luo people are strongly committed to an enduring and sustainable society that will preserve valuable traditions from the past.

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