What We Offer You

Luo council of elders  to spearhead culture preservation & protection , abov all we oversees the well being of Luo people of Kenya both locally and internationally across the globe. be part of us by joining the team.

Health Sector

Luo International Community being the central point of Luo across the globe, being there are a lot of professional among the community, through the support of LIC, we do managed to form medical professional body which help to spearhead good medical services across the globe.

  • Why you need to support Health Sector  in East Africa
    Through various help of different NGOs , the region has benefited from the organizations and the most epidermic disease in Africa are Malaria and HIV/AIDS,which has left more kids orphan in the Area. through your support we need to help the region reduce the risk and access to good medical services.
  • Why we should invest home:
    Africa is reach of opportunities and land full of developments, we call for individual or groups to come up with ideas and bring investors back home so that we can as well thrive in economy just like other parts of this Nation. DONATE NOW


We make sure funds reaches to the right needy person in the ground.